Strategic Sales Bundle

This is a comprehensive strategic sales analysis package plan that works directly with the owner or sales manager in establishing a sales force structure. It includes a SWOT analysis, setting a vision, strategic objectives and developing a strategy for the sales force. The package explores policies and procedure objectives needed resources and planning a strategy to reach them. Key performance indicators will also be determined so that it’s a measurable strategic plan.

We started contemplating a few months ago whether or not to hire a catering consultant. When we finally decided to look at it as an investment and not an expense, we called you. And we are so glad we did! The return on investment was almost immediate! You have made a definite impact on our entire operation.
— Nathan Newhouse- Attitude on Food- Omaha

This package will cover:
Review and Implement:
• Current sales proposal
• Sales force procedures
• Contracts
• Compensation
• Incentives
• Sales strategy
• Sales organization forms and policies/procedures
• Sales and pricing strategies
• Client proposals
• Evaluate sales team operations in comparison with similar sized caterers
• Make recommendations for areas of improvement

    Marketing Bundle

This package will cover:
• Hospitality companies need to find effective avenues to introduce their services to consumers. It needs to be a cost-effective and results-driven choice for caterers to work with to accomplish their endeavors.
• Review current marketing materials
• Developing marketing strategies
• Proposals that will set your company apart from your competition
• Marketing efforts for the bride and corporate client
• Branding to increase your company image
• Economical foolproof ways to market your company
• Learn in-house marketing
• Social media marketing
• How online reviews will work in your favor

I knew when you left Florida that day, it was going to be different for me in my working world, and now look. So THANK YOU SO MUCH
— Chrissy Novell - Perfekt Pass- Jacksonville, FL


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