Gone Fishin'

Seeing things for a different point of view can lead to giant leaps in creativity.

Allow me to set the stage… the chef and his crew were looking for some serendipity in the winter test kitchen. The test kitchen gives his culinary team the means to explore new ideas, be creative, – to innovate. Sometimes a new idea will spring from an unexpected place. The theme for this session was seafood and he had just filleted a handsome flounder. Getting ready to discard the carcass, he looked at it and in that moment serendipity struck. As chef held the flounder the proverbial flash of light occurred. He saw that with a little more thought and a bit of experimentation this carcass could take shape and once again hold fish.

What could be made from this seemingly spent fish?

Gathering his staff he proceeded to flesh out his idea. He thoroughly cleaned, seasoned, dredged and trussed the flounder head to tail with butcher’s twine. He dropped it into the fryer where it took shape and became the basket he’d envisioned it to be. Never thinking the carcass could be used let alone eaten, his staff was delighted to find out you can have your fish and eat it too.

Chef filled it with lobster claw meat, diver scallops and colossal prawns. The effect was stunning. It turned into a beautiful basket for making even a simple seafood dish something spectacular. They had never seen anything like it much less conceived it. Many a poor flounder’s fate was sealed.

So, a shake of this, a sprinkle of that and a quick dip in the fryer and this carcass has legs! This was certainly the case with the Gone Fish’n Flounder Basket, which sprang from simply looking at a flounder with a different eye.

Choosing to take a step back and allowing yourself to see things from a different perspective is a superb way to find your muse and get on the path to newfound creativity.