Food Trends, 2019


Article written for Catersource

Is there anything worse than a client suggesting a food trend that you aren’t familiar with? Clients are savvy and will know the trends—possibly before you do.

Couples want convenient, sophisticated food experiences, fresh, natural, additive-free food and they need transparency in the source and the way its prepared. Embrace this—it’s not going away.

They expect their food to be unique and exciting, while also being ethically produced with locally-sourced, environmentally-friendly ingredients.

Ten years ago, if a wedding couple asked for organic food, sourcing was difficult and expensive.

They want their food to have a story. Where did it come from? What about the small business? The farm? Is it socially responsible?

Couples are increasingly aware of the importance of choosing the right foods for their guests, as an extension of who they are. They want to be socially responsible and are looking for fresh, natural, and healthy menus.

2019 food trends

Fermented foods will be hotter than ever! We will see more kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, tempeh, kefir, carrots, and many other foods fermented, cooked, and offered at events.

Whether it’s poke, noodles, hummus, or full entrees, food presented in bowls offers an opportunity to move beyond the plate.

A vegan main course from  Feastivities Events

A vegan main course from Feastivities Events

Meat is no longer the only source of protein. In 2019 seeds, lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, hemp, flax, and split peas will take center stage on the dinner plate at receptions.

Veggies are back…but not in the tired crudité display. Cut-to-order veggie plates with homemade dips and chips—and why not… add some fermented foods to enhance the action station.

Light, tasty, and beautifully garnished gin-based cocktail from    Feastivities Events

Light, tasty, and beautifully garnished gin-based cocktail from Feastivities Events

High-end cocktails continue to find a place at events. You’ll see fresh ingredients at reception bars. Fruit squeezed in front of guests. Small batch bitters, tonics, and elixirs, ice balls and flowers embedded in ice cubes. The making of the cocktail will be an interactive performance. Couples are becoming more aware of the damage excessive drinking can cause at their weddings and as such, offering “mocktails” is a great solution. But get those straws out of the bar: plastic out, paper in. Choosing to go plastic-free is important to them.

Food trucks have had their moment but couples are still looking for laidback ways to offer simple, tasty food. Short plates with farm-to-fork concepts will stay popular.

These are just a few food trends you’ll see at weddings in 2019 and caterers have jumped right in on clean eating and making it deliciously easy for their couples.