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A formula for creating the perfect sales team

NEW JERSEY, February 14, 2018 - Certified Catering Consultants (CCC) Senior Consultant of Sales Training and Strategies, Meryl Snow, has introduced a revolutionary new approach to full-service catering. Coined as “The Triangle Method” Meryl has designed a teaching tutorial for full-service caterers who want to zone-in on developing a stellar sales team. The emphasis is to help owners and managers to ensure accountability with the sales team and take a step back from the daily grind of sales and marketing, giving them the opportunity to focus on the broader development of their operation while training their sales team in qualifying and closing techniques. The Triangle Method is designed to take the grunge work out of individualized operations manuals by delivering full-service access to a step by step guide, for the sales team.

“Bringing the Triangle Method to market is an exciting opportunity for myself and the entire catering world” says Meryl Snow, owner and operator of SnowStorm Solutions, ”My clients can now use this platform as a tool to create a sales team from hiring, compensation plans, employee contract, goals, modern sales training and most importantly accountability for increased sales!”

With the ability to train employees both on-site and remotely, Meryl’s new method gives employers the tools they need to grow a more efficient and profitable sales team while getting absolute clarity on how to reach your goals as fast as possible...and you'll get an exact strategy to make it all happen. Upon completion of the course, team members have the tools & techniques they need to close the deal...every time.

“Meryl is an invaluable member of our team at CCC,” says Carl Sacks, Managing Director of CCC, “You will find that innovative thinking is a common thread among all of our consultants. Meryl’s unique approach to sales and marketing development is not only a reflection of the spirit of our consultants but is groundbreaking for the industry.”