You Just Can't Write This Stuff... Stories within the Special Events Industry

Hello Industry,                                                                                                                 
I’m sure we all have an arsenal of stories that we’ve experienced in the Special Events Industry. Some leave you scratching your head saying, I couldn’t write this stuff.  

In this industry we encounter quite a few interesting clients and employees and handle a particularly large amount of craziness on a day to day basis. Some of our experiences have been off the wall ridiculous, entertaining or downright scary so why not document these situations for all to enjoy.  Stories may be used in social media, blogs or book so, no names or company names.                                                                                                                                                 
•    Choose a chapter (or create a new one) tell your story in form below
•    You may submit as many stories as you wish                                                                                  


  1.  Clients Say the Damnedest Things
  2.  That Just Broke My Heart
  3.  No One Would Believe This But..
  4.  You Want Me to Do What?
  5.  OMG- The Cake!
  6.  It Wasn’t My Fault
  7.  You’ll Never Guess What the  _______ Did
  8.  Whew, That Was a Close Call
  9.  And This is What I Told the __________
  10.  What Do You Mean You’re Not Paying the Bill
  11.  LOL
  12.  You Can Only Push Me So Far
  13.  I Want a Discount
  14.  The Police Are Here
  15.  The Event That Almost Ended My Career
  16.  I Need You… the Bride Forgot her ______
  17.  You’re FIRED!
  18.  Sue Me
  19.  Client Added Clause to Contract
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