What is Slowing Down Your Sales Team?

Meryl’s article published in Catersource

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Running a business involves a lot of moving pieces, but your sales strategy is what forms the foundation. After all, booking new clients is what allows your company to grow. If you’ve felt that your sales have been stagnant, consider these strategies as a way to jumpstart your booking process.

You don’t have a training manual.

A training manual helps you to organize the onboarding process for employees, effectively saving time and providing new hires with a reliable resource. Creating an employee training manual can seem like a lot of work. Understand that it is an investment in the future of your business—not only does it ensure consistency, but it also prevents constant questions in the first weeks of employment. Providing new hires with a manual shows them that you trust their ability to guide themselves to a certain extent, which promotes engagement and high morale.

Your sales team is full of order-takers.