What if I were to tell you that you can turn your sales team into a high performance sales conversion machine?

What would your life look like if you could consistently hit your sales goals every month- without complicated systems? Everything you need in a time proven and ruthlessly tested format to build a successful sales team is in one system. Have you tried bringing an expert's, providing books, sales material and spending thousands to send them to conferences but nothing seems to stick?  

Do you dread Monday morning sales meetings because of week after week, the performance is either the same as the previous weeks or often declining? Are sales people making consistent sales and then don't stay very long causing you to take time from your more important work you do to recruit and find new talent, yet it gives you more work to do to get the new sales person up to speed and producing?

As a result,  you're frustrated with the sales team whether it's one or 100 you often think that they could be working hard to close the event.    They do not follow the policies & procedures. They are spending too much time writing proposals to unqualified prospects. I do know what it's like,

 I've been where you are and I want to show you what works for us and our clients. I found myself and my employees just going through the motions and forgot why I started in this industry to begin with. If any of this feels like you none of these things are actually the problems they are the symptoms the real problem? You're stuck in a funnel and haven't yet upgraded it to three necessary principles.

1.  Train    2. Test    3. Track

What if your sales people were accountable for reaching their goals and the costly mistakes? 

What if you increased your booking ratio? 

What if your sales people paid for themselves?

What if you knew exactly how much money is out in proposals? 

What if you never have to pay for sales training again your sales team we're bringing in business not just order takers your new hire sales person was trained before their first day you never give a raise to a sales person again? 

What if  your team didn't waste time on unqualified leads? 

What if  you never hear again; "They didn’t book because our price was too high"?  Finally a proven repeatable sales training system for the special events industry.

No more sales books, conferences or training courses. You're being pulled in many directions. You bring in a sales trainer for underperforming sales team and six months later people move on and you need to train all over again or you don't do any sales training at all and are very frustrated with your teams results. What if there was a way to train your sales people to consistently hit or exceed their sales goals every month? The Triangle Method is a high leverage training platform, huge results with less effort.