Why hire a consultant to improve your business?

There are countless reasons to hire a consultant to improve your business. The purpose of hiring a consultant is not only to drive the learning curve, but to also help guide you to making the correct decisions based on knowledge of many other successful companies. Meryl has extensive experience in and knowledge of business, and she can provide you with a wealth of industry resources and connections.

Meryl’s philosophies have proved successful for not only her own business, but also many other companies and Universities that have benefited from her training and advice.   As a Catersource senior consultant, Meryl has worked throughout the US. Her particular areas of focus are in sales and marketing, design and branding.

Meryl has extensive experience and knowledge of the catering business and can provide you with a wealth of industry resources. The purpose of hiring a consultant is not only to drive the learning curve, but to also help guide you to making the correct decisions based on knowledge of many other successful catering companies.

Meryl receives excellent feedback from her clients. Her innovative leadership style has earned prestigious accolades locally, nationally and internationally. By using her keen insight and an effervescent teaching approach, she has helped many other caterers find their own paths to success and recognition.

No matter what your sales challenges, Meryl has the experience and knowledge to help you overcome these hurdles. Her past projects have included incentive program planning, pipeline management strategies, strategic pricing programs, sales script development, collateral materials evaluation, and many more.

Meryl has an innate ability to communicate with all levels of an organization, and she is able to quickly interpret an organization’s needs and create a clear and simple path to success.

Meryl is responsible for providing objective and unbiased advice as regards to strategy, management, operations, sales and marketing, as well as structure of a business.

The goals of consultants are twofold:

  1.  Identify the problems afflicting the business and                                                                                   2. Provide or propose solutions to these problems.

She provided a framework to develop our own corporate overview. She armed me with appropriate skeleton of how to approach this powerful businessman and highlight why we were the right caterer. There are things I just don’t know and to have Meryl as my consultant is the ultimate dream. She was supportive, honest, timely, professional, funny and a joy to work with….
— Tricia Woodman, Simply Delicious Catering, Memphis, TN.
hire great salespeople

Sales Development & Management                Marketing                                       Design

  • Developing sales strategies                 
  • Compensation structures               
  • The elements of a good job descriptions, employment contracts, non-competes, and incentives
  • Sales training packages
  • Key points for interviewing and hiring potential sales staff
  • Focus on ways management can train and empower the sales team to grow your business
  • Sales management policies and procedures from initial inquiry to closing the sale to event follow-up
  • Client retention
  • Providing result-driven solutions



  • Creating a signature look for your company
  • Design techniques-food to table
  • Producing elements that bring dollars to the bottom line.
  • Developing strong & persistent marketing strategies
  • Proposals that set your company apart from your competition
  • Marketing efforts for the bride and the corporate client
  • Branding to increase your company image
  • Economical foolproof ways to market your company


          Providing result-driven solutions